Delicious Catering

Choose from our extensive menu, including everything from starters to desserts and all things in-between. We partner with one of the top food service suppliers in the country and our chefs are professionally trained and certified.  Just like your favorite upscale restaurants.
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Perfect Decoration

Describe your dream event and we’ll pull out all the stops. We've got a big place here and this is not our first rodeo.  Let our decorating service share its experience and help you through this process.

Theme Planning

We’ll help you choose just the right theme, be it formal, relaxed, nostalgic or modern. 


High speed internet, presentation equipment, food and beverage service, preferred lodging for out-of-towners and areas for breakout sessions all available.


We already subscribe to an excellent online ticketing service.  We've worked the learning curve, made the mistakes and now can offer worry free ticketing and box office services for your event.  


The Center has for rent many of the 'necessary things' people often don't think about or realize they need until it's too late.  Pipe and drapes, table skirting, AV projectors, screens, sound equipment, graphic design services for projection and event advertising needs are just some of the items and services we can handle.  All professionally done, of course.

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